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How to play:
  • You use the arrow keys to control the character's movement direction by using the arrow keys.
  • You use the mouse to adjust the direction of the gun and click to shoot.

Take part in exciting gunfights is an attractive online multiplayer shooting game. You control your character to move and expand its territory while attacking other opponents.

Game characters

The main character of this game is a shooting character with flexible screen movement. Can eliminate enemies with a variety of weapons, including bombs, rockets, and rifles. Function keys are used to activate special skills.

Mission Defeat other gunmen

The online game is fun and difficult. To destroy other moving opponents on the screen, the player will control a shooting character in this game.

Instructions for playing

The goal is to hit the most geometric blocks and score the largest number possible. Players can destroy blocks with a variety of weapons, including bombs, missiles, and guns. Prioritize taking down larger blocks with your gunfire before taking out smaller blocks.

Pay attention and make predictions about how the blocks will move.
To effectively destroy large groups of blocks, use special weapons. Be agile to overcome obstacles.

To make the game more challenging, traps and obstacles such as lasers, spikes, and fast-moving blocks are added.

Have Fun!