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How to play:
  • To move your square, use the WASD key.
  • To move between traps in your inventory on the left side of the screen, left-click on the icon or use the 12345 key. To place a trap below your square, left-click.
  • Traps can be taken out of the game and returned to your inventory using the right-click method.
  • To sabotage a player, left-click on their name on the leaderboard. This allows you to target your opponents.

About game

Join the survival tower defense game Your goal is to defend your area from enemies and collect square points to top the leaderboard.

Game strategy

Try to collect as many square points as possible. Destroy opponents by setting traps, traps will divide them into square points. Your level bar will be filled with square points. It can be seen in the blue bar in the bottom middle. You'll level up, unlock more traps in your inventory, and gain access to new traps or improvements to your squares whenever the bar fills up.

Number of players game is a multiplayer game. You can team up or compete with other players.

Tips in

Try to collect the towers scattered around the map throughout the game. They provide various upgrades to your traps or squares. Square points can be created by certain towers. such as pink and blue towers. Get yellow square points that you can use to buy pets for your home screen or take down other players on the leaderboards.

These companions provide extremely useful skills or advantages.

To build your shield, collect blue square points. When filled, it will form a shield to keep opponents away from you.

Have Fun!