Twerk Race 3D

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Twerk Race 3D is a running game with exciting gameplay. You need to collect muscle mass for your buttocks and thighs, then use it to overcome the challenge.

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Are you ready to join the weight loss mission in the Twerk Race 3D game? You may lose a few pounds, but you have nothing to lose because you need to use that extra weight to get through the obstacle course. Join the fun run and collect lots of muscle blocks. Try to overcome all the challenges and be ready to win the championship match. The unique 3D running game Twerk Race 3D will make you forget about boredom in your spare time.


In the game Twerk Race 3D, you will compete with other players. Your girl wears cute pink pants. You need to control her to help her collect a lot of muscle mass and increase her fitness. Then you can take on challenges with the strength of these muscles. However, you need to be persistent.


You need to move quickly in the process of collecting muscle blocks, or your opponent will have an advantage over you.

Have Fun!