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How to play: is a multiplayer adventure game inspired by Minecraft. Join the Minecraft-like world and explore, dig, craft, and survive!

How to play


The game is set in a Minecraft-like world. You start by selecting a character. Choose among Martha, Oliver, Mike, and Rose.

Game modes and objectives

Next, choose your favorite game mode. Each mode has different goals:

Peaceful: You must defend yourself against other opponents while trying to grow stronger. You must join intense battles and have a great strategy to survive and maintain a certain control over your opponents.

Survival: In this mode, you can toggle PvP mode on and off. This allows you to focus on gathering resources, crafting, and building structures without worrying about attacks from other players. It's a great choice for players who are interested in exploration and combat.

Creative: You can build anything of your imagination with different blocks and tools. Try to create magnificent landscapes and show off your creativity! Build and develop without limits!

So whether you are looking for PvP battles, exploration, or crafting experience, the game has everything you're looking for.

Depending on the game mode you select, your objective may vary. And there are so many cool features and items waiting for you to discover in the game!


  • WASD or arrow keys to move.
  • Right-click to place block.
  • Left-click to mine or attack.
  • Spacebar to jump.
  • Enter to chat.
  • X to open inventory.
  • E to open item.
  • X to show backpack.
  • M to open map.
  • N to cancel an action.
  • B to accept action.
  • F2 to change the camera mod.
  • G to open general home menu.
  • O to open the game shop.
  • I to access beginner's guide book.

Game Features

  • Minecraft-like graphics
  • Extensive multiplayer aspect
  • Different game modes and characters
  • A wide selection of tools and items

This is a perfect game for Minecraft enthusiasts who want to have an online and diverse gaming experience.

Have Fun!