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How to play: is an exciting multiplayer shooting game. With good shooting ability destroy all opponents in the game. Conquer the top floor of the game now.

The shooting this time took place in a multi-story building. Each floor will be equipped with a number of weapons and items to support you in the gunfight. You can control the character to jump over the floors through the openings from one floor to another or you can swing the cable to get to the next floor. Along the way, collect the best guns to shoot down enemies every time they appear. When the enemy has been destroyed by you, you can take the best items from them to continue fighting.

On each floor will appear wooden crates, smash the wooden crates to collect some items such as armor, shoes, money, and blood... These items will protect you and avoid high damage later Fierce gun battles.

You will have 4 bloodlines to maintain life. If the amount of health runs out, you will end the gunfight. So when the blood is gradually depleted, retreat and go find a blood bag to provide enough blood before returning to destroy the opponent.


  • Use WASD to move
  • Use the mouse to aim and shoot
  • Use the F key to collect guns and items
Have Fun!