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How to play:

Voxiom io new action game where you will fight, build, craft on a battlefield, play in the first person. Players have to design, craft, and shoot strategically on the field in order to obtain the chance to win. You can easily create a wall for protection if you are under attack. You can also use different resources to upgrade your weapon. The combination of construction and production offers the first-person shooter experience for the game. currently provides the following two styles of game modes: Royal Battle and Gems Capture (our own spin on Capture The Flag)

Shovels and Blocks

The game has a number of different types of blocks, such as clay, sand, bricks, cactus, water, etc. Hardness levels of blocks are different. Higher-level shovels can be used by players to crack blocks faster. Bullets can damage hit blocks as well. There are also physical blocks in the game and floating blocks are broken immediately.


In, two types of construction are available: single block and wall. Players may either make a block or form a wall in front of them one by one, or a group of up to 9. Strategically placing blocks on the fighting field in order to benefit you from others.


Various objects have various weights, adjusting the running speed of a player in a game. For instance, weapons slow down the player, so players need to carry other objects such as a shovel to improve their agility. Players will also run to speed up and crouch in narrower tunnels.

Card Map

Any map is generated procedurally and entirely randomly. The mini-map can be used in the top-left corner or a tab can be used to display the whole map for each game.


To switch inventory, press X. It is critical for the success of inventory management. Players should prepare to transport ammunition, bricks, guns, shovels, and consumables carefully. Each player has five slots, five slots, and five ammunition slots. Pickup items are automated. automatic. Players can also lose items by pressing G or by clicking on items beyond the inventory display with the mouse.

Consumer products

Players start with 100 healthy ones, but shield potions can be used for shielding (up to 100). In addition, healing products such as the pill and first aid kit are available to restore the health of players. In chests/crates, consumables can be found anywhere on the globe.


  • Use the W key to walk forward
  • Use the S key to walk backward
  • Use the A key to walk left
  • Use the D key to walk right
  • Space - Jump
  • Use the E key to interact
  • X - Open Inventory (Use mouse left-click and right-click to swap items)
  • Hold C - Crouch
  • Hold Shift - Sprint
  • Hold Tab - View Map
  • Left Mouse Button - Primary action on item: Shoot / Use Item / Consume Item
  • Right Mouse Button - Secondary action on item: Aim / Switch block placement mode
Have Fun!