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How to play:

Voxorp is a challenging game with outstanding battleships. Your main task is to control the mining spaceship, gather resources, and build a base. Increase your ship's level and assault other players! By producing scores from your base, you may defend your base and rise to the top of the leaderboard.

Use WASD or the arrow keys to navigate the map. To mine resources, click and hold on to them, then let go. You may level up after you have enough XP, which will provide you a new spacecraft and a variety of additional modules for your ship. Modules are the means through which you can improve your spacecraft. To equip them, drag them from your inventory to one of your ship's module slots. Each module carries out a distinct function (e.g. mining, attacking, speed boost). You may unlock extra functionality and fascinating new features by adding a range of modules to your spacecraft. Voxorp's objective is to rack up points and climb the rankings. To accomplish so, you must first construct a base!

Game strategy:

Turrets are essential for every base's defense. When an opposing player comes within range, they will immediately attack. However! Keep in mind that turrets will only work if they are powered by a dynamo!

Walls are a fully passive tile, but they're inexpensive and have a lot of health, so they're ideal for defending your foundation!

The structures you may utilize in your base are listed in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Prices vary, so be sure you've mined enough resources before trying to buy them! You may place the buildings on the grid in the backdrop by dragging them from the toolbar onto the map. So, what exactly are these structures I'm referring to?

The dynamo is the heart of any base. When it's charged, it powers the tiles around it. Simply click on the dynamo to fuel it, and it will use resources from your inventory to do so. You may also choose a resource from your inventory and drag it.

The major purpose of the base is the scorer, which will create a score for you on the leaderboard over time. You will create scores faster if you have more scorers! Scorers, on the other hand, require electricity from a nearby dynamo.

The game was released in August 2020. Voxorp game is developed by Stan Flint. The game runs on all web browsers available on computers or mobile phones.


  • WASD is used to move around.
  • Mine asteroids by left-clicking them, or attack other things by left-clicking them.
  • Edit your ship by dragging modules from your inventory (bottom right) into the slots in your ship
Have Fun!