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How to play: is a fierce fighting game of elite cavalry in the multiplayer arena. Use your abilities to fight nonstop and become the strongest hero.

At the beginning of the game, your mission is to use weapons to fight with 100 opponents present in the arena. Each general in the arena will have different fighting power and weapons. Use your ferocious fighting abilities to fend off the attacks of other cavalrymen. Don't forget to collect gold coins and clear treasure chests for a chance to unlock awesome upgrades like weapons, armor, helmets, boots, gloves, belts, bracelets, rings, and amulets fate. Search for gems and runes to upgrade your abilities and improve your health, damage, resistance, speed, and more with each match.


Top-notch graphics with 10 different champions for you to experience. Fierce competition arena. Buy champions for more fun experiences. Unlock new gear that further enhances your power as you level up.


The character will automatically move your task to use the mouse to point the direction, the left mouse button to attack, and the right mouse button to use a special attack.

Have Fun!