Water Sort Puzzle

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How to play:

Water Sort Puzzle is a brain game with fun chemistry experiments. In the game, you will experience a fluid transition extremely interesting and challenging.

The game is suitable for all ages so it is also very easy to play and has an addictive feeling. Your task is to make the transitions to the correct color of the liquid. For example, in a test tube, there will be different color segments such as yellow, blue, and red. Use your intelligence to separate those 3 colors into 3 test tubes. If you succeed you will win and go to the next level. The process of chemical research has only just begun. Join the game now for harder chemistry challenges.

The game has up to 50 levels for you to explore. The higher you go, the more you will see that this is a game that needs to use the brain. Because the difficulty will be increased with each level. Moreover, the number of colors in the test tubes will also be more diverse. Try to solve all the levels to get to the last level in this Water Sort Puzzle game.

Outstanding features in the game Water Sort Puzzle

  • Simple graphics
  • 50 levels of play
  • Various colors in each level
  • New style puzzle game
  • Addictive gameplay

How to control

Use your mouse to click on the test tubes to pour liquid from one test tube to another.

Have Fun!