Wormate io

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How to play:

Wormate io game controls an exciting snake of prey, with vivid 2D graphics the game delivers a colorful moving space.

In Wormate io, your main objective is to expand to be the largest worm on the map. To do so, you must feed passively spawn across the map, destroy other worms, and consume them in large amounts. Have an enemy's head stab into your body to kill them. Just remember that everyone will consume the food that comes off, so eat it quickly! If you see two bigger worms battling, note that you should come over and grab some of their mass for your own worm. First and foremost, you should not attempt to battle other worms because you lack the necessary body size to really catch someone off guard. Moreover, you should not attempt to scavenge food from these worms.


Your worm will follow your mouse pointer in the game, but you will only be able to monitor the trajectory of the worm's head. You will not be able to stop the worm. You can also left-click to increase your depth for as long as you leave the button down, but bear in mind that this drains any of your current scores.

Have Fun!