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How to play:
  • Use the Mouse to control the worm's movement direction
  • Hold Left Mouse or Q key to accelerate
  • Press W key to pause.


Welcome to the exciting snake-hunting game called It is the second version of the famous game. Conquer the top position in the deep world.

Game graphics

The game's 3D graphics are beautiful and smooth, with many light and shadow effects. The game's vibrant, vibrant colors create a fun and engaging experience. The game's worms are extremely fun and adorable, with a variety of designs and colors. Additionally, you can change the worm's appearance by choosing different masks, hats, eyeglasses, and accessories. One of the things that attracts players to and sets it apart from other snake-hunting games is its graphics.

Game missions

The struggle for the kingship of the giant caterpillar will continue in part 2. To make the caterpillar bigger, you must eat a lot of fruit. At the same time attack or defend yourself against other worms.

Some tips in game

When starting your survival journey in the game, you must focus on finding food. Foods you can eat include flowers, fruits, beetles and butterflies.

You can collect items that help you during hunting, such as magnets and binoculars.

Please stay away from red mushrooms because they are poisonous.

When you are big enough, attack the worms that are smaller than you.

Have Fun!