Wormo io

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How to play:

Wormo io familiar snake game of prey, collect all gems on the map to get bigger. Shoot other players so they bounce away. Use strength to escape danger or to catch another worm.

To get larger, eat the gems on the map. Make sure you don't collide with other worms. Shoot other players to drive them backward, and look out for players who are shooting at you.

As you grow larger, your shots will become more effective, giving you an advantage over other worms.

The larger you get, the slower you'll transform.

Use the lift to get away from danger or grab that worm. Your worm will only boost for 5 seconds until it becomes drained and needs to rest. Boosting does not cost any diamonds, but it does have a 5-second cooldown.

If you're playing with a mate and want to partner up, use the minimap to see where you are.

Wormo io is a worm game that involves shooting. One-shot per second can be fired in the direction your worm is facing.

Another choice is to adjust the worm's skin by choosing one of the eight skins available, some of the skins also have a unique tail feature. In the skin menu, you can also choose from hats and crowns.

Both skins can be customized with a variety of colors, allowing the player to stand out on the map.

Flags can also be used to represent your country, your favorite Youtuber, or a meme that you love.


  • Use a mouse to control the snake
  • Click mouse or space to shoot
  • Hold mouse or space to boost
Have Fun!