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How to play:
  • Learn how to use the game's controls to enhance your combat and movement skills.
  • To follow the direction of the mouse pointer, use W or the up arrow.
  • To sprint or jump, use Space.
  • Left click to attack or collect.

About game

Welcome to the authentic survival game When you start this game, you will be amazed at the graphics and sounds of this game because it is vivid.

Game modes

There are many different game modes in Battle Royale and survival mode are available.

Play with friends

You can join alliances to fight against other groups or team up with friends to collaborate while playing this game. Build your base, collect resources, and explore a vast world.

Some tips in game

Build your base strategically and prevent other players from attacking it.

To save resources and provide food for the community, planting, and harvesting an important aspects of the game.

Try out different types of games, such as survival, battle royale, and castle defense, to determine how you want to play.

Build strong alliances with friends or other players to improve your combat and defense skills.

Have Fun!