YoHoHo 2

33 votes 3.6/5
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How to play:

YoHoHo 2 is a fun and exciting survival game, in the game transform into ferocious pirates in search of treasure and become the last survivors.

This is another pirate-themed game in which players must destroy each other to improve their reality. This is a typical battle royale and survival game in which players try to beat each other and survive a never-ending series of obstacles and other players. This is the game for all the young pirates who love to rob and plunder from behind a sharpened cutlass.

Game Tips

  • You need to look wider in the miniature map in the corner of the screen, move inside the circle to be safe.
  • Attack behind the opponent to have the highest chance of winning.
  • Collect gold chests and defeat opponents to evolve into the strongest character.


  • Use mouse to move
  • Click to activate the sword and attack
Have Fun!