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How to play: is a pirate battle royale game that is set on a tropical island. Players take the role of a pirate and fight against other pirates, collect gold, and treasure chests, and survive to the last to dominate the island.

How to play game

Become a pirate

In this game, players will transform into a pirate on a desolate island.

Collect booty

You start as a small pirate and move around to collect gold, and treasure chests, and grow stronger. There are also treasure chests that you must smash to collect doubloons.

Attack other pirates and survive to the last

Another way to get bigger is to defeat other players and collect their left coins. Use your left mouse button or the Spacebar to attack. You can use the special dash ability to boost speed and overcome opponents. Try to avoid getting hit by bigger players to survive. There is a health bar above your head. Once it depletes, you will lose the game.

Try to grow bigger and survive as long as possible. The last player who survives to the end of the match is the winner!

Beware of the poisonous gas

Try not to get into the red area as it contains poisonous gas that could decrease your health. As the game progresses, the toxic gas will consume the area and make the safe area shrink.

This pushes the remaining players to fight against each other. There is no place to hide or run in this case!

Buy new characters

Yohoho io game offers a total of 35 pirate characters in the game that can be unlocked with gold. The more expensive the character is, the more power it has. So head to the Shop when you have enough gold to buy a new character!

Game Controls:


  • Move with your mouse.
  • Left-click to attack.
  • To make a special dash attack, keep the left mouse button pressed longer.


  • WASD or Arrow keys to move.
  • Spacebar to attack.
  • To make a special dash attack, keep the Spacebar pressed longer.

Game Features

  • Battle royale gameplay
  • 35 characters with different powers.
  • Various themed islands
Have Fun!