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How to play:

You use your mouse to control your black hole.

About is a black hole control game in the city. Try to eat as many objects as possible to increase the size of the black hole. Try to become the biggest hole!

Game missions

In the exciting and thrilling corrosion game, you will play as a black hole and eat an entire city. Buildings, items, and streets can all be swallowed into the black hole. In your bid to get first place, you can also engage in battles with other black holes.

Game features

To conquer the city and grow into the biggest black hole, you can explore:

  • Eight maps
  • Five modes
  • Many different challenges.

Tips in

If you want your black hole to grow faster, you should start by eating small things. You can eat buildings once your black hole has reached a large size. You should avoid black holes larger than you because they can destroy you at any time.

When facing opponents, you should use obstacles such as cars, trees, and overpasses to shield your black hole. The easiest way for your black hole to consume nearby structures and items is to teleport it in the opposite direction of the clock.

Maps and modes should be chosen based on your skills and preferences. Each map and mode has its features and difficulty levels.

Have Fun!