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How to play:

Zombie is an exciting adventure game in which you have to survive and eliminate Zombie bosses while earning as much money as possible.

You must aid the survivors while also killing as many zombies and bosses as possible and collecting money. You must defeat the Zombie Bosses and collect as much money as possible to upgrade and purchase items to escape the Zombie Apocalypse. Demonstrate your quickness and hand-eye coordination.

The game is simple to play but highly addictive. The graphics and animations will pique your attention in the game. You can choose from 14 different languages and 9 Heroes. Each hero has a unique tale, and you can unlock it after reaching a certain level. You can improve the heroes' abilities as well as their stats. You can get stuff and rewards from the Shop, Achievements, and Daily Rewards. In addition, you can unlock more than fifteen zombies by completing quests.

Features of Zombie

  • Challenging missions
  • Unlock new heroes
  • Level up

Release Date

  • Jun 25, 2021

How to control

  • Drag mouse to move
Have Fun!