99 Balls

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How to play:

The game’s rules

Welcome to 99 Balls which is one of the most attractive ball shooting games. Your goal is to guide the balls to get rid of all the numbers on the board.

The unique gameplay and modified game rules of this game will make you satisfy. Your goal is to take control of your ball to shoot to the number of balls on the table and remove as many numbers as you can. In the game, you will control the ball based on the navigation bar. First, aim your ball at the position with the smallest number. Then continue with larger numbers. Try to get your ball to go through as many number balls as you can. Each time the ball hits a number. The value of that number will be reduced by one unit. Try to remove all balls on the table. The smallest number is one and the largest number is 2. Besides, to strengthen your ball, you need to collect all the circles on the table. The stars on the table are also extremely important. You can exchange a new ball in the shop with stars. After each turn, the balls on the table will be closer to your line. You win if you can clear all the number balls on the table. If you let them fall on your line, you lose.

Developer and platform

This game was developed by Diamond Games. It was released on April 2017. You can play it on web browsers such as desktop and mobile devices.

Highlights of 99 Balls

After finishing the game, you can receive some stars and score. You can use your stars to purchase new balls such as smile, anomaly, planet, and so on. Each of them requires some stars to unlock. For example, to get an anomaly ball, you need to spend 50 stars. You need to put 25 stars for a gear ball while a volleyball requires 95 stars. Besides, you can see your highest score at the right top of the screen. Try your best to get a high score and collect as many stars as possible.

Have Fun!