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How to play: is a fun multiplayer arcade game in which you have to become the biggest square on the map by eating food on the way and defeating other players.

The game includes conventional foods, bombs, and other players. You must consume food to grow, and you must keep away from bombs to avoid them exploding. The actual players are fascinating: they cannibalize the weak and destroy the strong! Large players, on the other hand, must exercise caution. You can catch exceptionally terrible foes by dividing the game into pieces. You'll start with a modest cage that will become larger as you eat more tasty items. Your square goes fast while it's tiny, but it moves more slowly when it's enormous. You can, however, split your block or spit out a portion of the volume. Move your mouse to steer your square, then press the spacebar to subdivide. And to feed and assault, press the 'W' key!

Features of

  • Multiplayer
  • Competitive gameplay

Release Date

Dec 09, 2019

How to control

  • Move the mouse to control your character
  • Press the spacebar to split up
  • Use the W key to feed and attack
Have Fun!