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How to play: is an attractive multiplayer game in which you have to control your animal to push other players off the platform by swinging your tail.

Animals have their own set of rules: only the strongest survive. Make sure this is in the online game. It would be best to mature swiftly to avoid being a victim of other gamers. Swinging your tail, control your animal to push others off the stage. Food will expand your size, and hamburgers can lengthen your tail; the mushroom will shrink in size but grow faster. Kill all of your opponents to win the game!

Show your skills and abilities! Prove that you are a ruler on the map!

Features of

  • Attractive and simple gameplay
  • Survival and fighting game
  • Multiplayer

Release Date

  • Jul 31, 2020

How to control

  • Use the mouse to move
  • Click to swing tail
Have Fun!