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How to play: is an endless wild survival game. You control a heroic monkey with top-notch survival skills to complete the assigned mission and explore this place. This game has extremely vivid 3D graphics, giving you a fascinating and engaging adventure experience. In addition, the highlight of this game is that there are many interesting things that have been designed to bring an endless adventure experience to players.


  • Use the WASD keys to navigate your character's moves.
  • Use the right mouse to aim.
  • Use the left mouse to shoot.
  • Press the shift key to roll.
  • Press space to make a jump or climb an object.
  • Right-click or press V to access the viewfinder.
  • Press E to pick up items.
  • Press Tab to access the inventory.
  • Press M to display the map.
  • Press R to reload.


First you will be given a skin and a name for your monkey. You will start with a small and weak monkey when it starts to appear. Your monkey will gain more power as you collect food and weapons.

You must understand that food is necessary for the growth and survival of your monkey. Many different types of fruit can be found on trees or on the ground. You will increase your strength if you collect green hearts. And the red heart has the effect of helping to restore health. Also, you should not miss the ancient treasures, as they can be used to craft wands.

Have Fun!