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How to play:

To play the game, you perform operations with the mouse

About is a fun fighting game you should try. In this game, you build your army and then let them fight other armies. Try to create a powerful army!


The game belongs to the 1vs1 fighting genre. Use your intelligence and strategy to beat your opponents.

Style play

This is a game with simple, easy-to-understand gameplay. It is suitable for you to play in your free time.


You need to create a powerful army to defeat other armies. You will receive a bonus if you are the winner of the match. You can then use them to upgrade your army.

How to play

The operations you need to do in this game are performed in the following order:

  • Buy military units: Take advantage of the money you have to buy an army. You can choose blockers, gunners, mages, and others.
  • Unit combination: You can merge two similar units to create a stronger unit by dragging and dropping the mouse.
  • Army placement: Once obtained, drag units onto the battlefield. You can use money to expand your army to the maximum.
  • Fight: Press the fight button when your army is ready and you cannot deploy any more soldiers. An online player will be matched with you.
  • Watch Battles: You just need to pay attention to the battles that happen automatically. You will receive a bonus if you win.
  • Upgrade and Level Up: To take on more formidable opponents and climb the rankings, always upgrade your army and level up like a general.
Have Fun!