ASMR Slicing

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ASMR Slicing is an online game that is loved by many people because of its exciting experience. Chop the given fruits and put them in the blender. This game most realistically simulates the action of cutting an object. Many players really love cutting things. Make professional cuts to turn the fruit into small pieces. Do you like to drink smoothies? There are many delicious fruits like strawberries, kiwis, apples, etc. You can easily make juice when you cut these fruits into small pieces so that they fall into the blender.


  • You will not need too many important scores in this game. You just enjoy it by making cuts in the fruit.
  • Cut objects as thinly as possible to improve scores and shorten cutting time.
  • Pay attention to difficult-to-cut shapes like pizza, balloons, and wheels. To avoid splashing, you should cut them in a direction perpendicular to the surface.
Have Fun!