Battleship Minesweeper

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Play Battleship Minesweeper online

Enjoy the nervous experience in the Battleship Minesweeper game! In this game, logical thinking is very important. You need to clear the square and avoid mines.

Do you love puzzle games? We want to introduce you to a classic game which is very famous in the world. Now, this game appears once again and still attracts many players to our website. You can enjoy this game on your mobile devices or desktop thanks to its HTML5 technology. You even can play this unblocked game at the school and office. Without installing this game or registering, you can have a nice time with this game.

Disclose all grid cells and avoid mines

Battleship Minesweeper offers a grid with many cells and you need to unlock these cells. However, there are some mines under some cells. If you unlock these cells with mine, the game will end immediately. The safe cells will contain a number that shows how many mines touch that cell. Based on these numbers, you will find safe cells. You can mark the cell with a flag if you think that it has a mine. This game requires smartness, so you can enhance your IQ with this puzzle game.

Have Fun!