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You can't miss a great defense and strategy game You will set up your base when you start this game. Can you build the strongest empire?

Defend, build, and attack in

To defend and improve your base, you will command an army and collect increasing resources. You can attack resources like stone and wood to collect more resources. Attacking other players and stealing their resources is a faster method. But be careful when at night, monsters can attack your base. In addition, you can also be destroyed by other players, you may lose resources.

Features of the game

The game's gameplay is simple but tactical, forcing players to balance fighting enemies, improving their base, and gathering resources.

You need to compete fiercely in the game to dominate and survive on the map. Players can interact with each other, collaborate, or compete with other players around the globe so the game is also quite dynamic.

The game contains many great features and tools, like the ability to change armor and weapons, form teams and participate in multiplayer combat, and open portals to move between areas quickly and more.

Have Fun!