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Are you ready to start the entertaining and fully tested io game is a fun and difficult game where you can participate in battles with players from all over the world to see who is the strongest bug. Your task is to control a baby beetle and try to create collisions with other players. You need to chase other players until you are the only one left on the field. You can double-click to speed up your error when dragging it with the mouse or keyboard. In addition, you can collect items on the field to expand yourself or improve your skills. You will need to be vigilant to stay away from larger scammers and dangerous situations.


For a stronger boost when it hits your opponent, you should pull your bug in the opposite direction.

To scale or power the bug, you should enjoy things on the field. For example, you can eat candy to increase speed or diamonds to increase strength.

Ignore larger groups of damaged areas and hidden danger areas like fire or ice. If you are forced into this space, you can lose blood and die.

Have Fun!