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Welcome to

Join many battles of heroes in! You need to be more powerful to defeat any enemies in this game. Be careful of the opponents' attack.

Are you ready for many infinite battles in this game? Choose your favorite character and start this game. However, not all heroes are available for you to choose from. Sometimes, you need to watch an ad to unlock a new hero.

Beat any enemies in

You will encounter many opponents because this is a multiplayer game. Let's move cleverly to avoid other players' attacks. When your opponent's right behind you, you can press the D key to boost your character's speed. To attack, aim your sword at the enemy and click the left mouse button to slash down.

Collect the energy

You can see many colorful points on the way. Let's grab them to level up. Be careful with many slimes which can make you slow. Then, your opponents can attack you easily at that time.

Have a look at the statics

The statistics will appear after you finish a match. You can follow your kill, time, score, multi-kill, and weapon level through the statistics table. What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy this game now!

Have Fun!