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Play on Only the strong survive, and the weak perish, try and work your way to become the biggest monster to win the game.

You were once considered as one of the most powerful beings in Bigmon's Forest and Snow regions, as the White Spider of Hail North, but it all changed when the green Dragons descended from the heavens and ruined the entire ecosystem.

And if the green dragon was defeated, it took you, the Red Forest King, and the Spider King to beat it, and such a feat absorbed all of the life force energies growing between you and the other kings.

With only a few seconds of life left in you, an enigmatic entity cast a reincarnation spell on you, saving you from returning to the planet and allowing you a second shot at life. The only catch was that you had to start again at the beginning. All 500 years of experience in your body would be erased, but you would retain your wisdom. Now that you've been given a second opportunity, take advantage of it. Start as a little rat and work your way up to the heavens until you've surpassed even the dragons that rule BigMon's world.

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