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How to play: is a battle royale game where you play as a Bomberman on a giant grid, place bombs, and try to blast away all of the opponents. Get ready for the ultimate battle royale experience.

How to play

The game is set in a giant grid. You control a Bomberman and your job is to move around and place bombs in different places to destroy the opponents and the terrain. When you navigate around, you can find power-ups. Each one brings you a special power. For example, you can place multiple bombs at the same time, or raise the blast radius of the bomb. 

In, you can join a server or create your own and battle against real players in the world. They have the same goal as you and they also try to take you down. To defend yourself, hide around corners. You can also get hit by your bomb so make sure that you run away after you place the bomb. Otherwise, you will lose the game if you get caught in the blast. Be careful when you go around. 

Collect burgers and use them to purchase new characters, cosmetics, and different items in the Item Shop. 


Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move your character.

Press the Spacebar to place a bomb.  

Have Fun!