Bouncing Balls

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How to play:

Experience with the Bouncing game you will have wonderful moments of relaxation. The game is intriguing by the collision of balls into wooden boxes appearing on the screen. In the game, we will be equipped with a ball, and wooden boxes in turn appear. Our mission is to shoot marbles to remove the wooden boxes. Especially the numbers on the wooden box are the marbles we have. To increase the number of balls, shoot the ball on the plus sign, each plus sign adds a ball. Shoot the ball at the dash you will knock out a row of wooden boxes. Shoot the ball into the vertical tiles, you will eliminate a vertical row with the wooden box. Shoot the ball at the three-brick marbles, your ball will shoot on different sides. One trick for you is to shoot the ball more diagonally and you will escape the wooden box more.

Use mouse to shoot the ball!

Bouncing Balls a popular and multiplayer game on io games, join other games like Basketball legend 2020, Hero Rescue, Skribbl io games, .... Have fun!

Have Fun!