Brick Breaker

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How to play:

Brick Breaker is an extremely fun entertainment game where you will control a UFO with the aim of breaking colored blocks with the elastic ability of the balls.

At the beginning of the game, you will be equipped with 4 gray balls to perform the task of breaking the colored blocks. When you are ready the ball begins to move. After making the impact, the ball will slowly fall down. Right now control your UFO to catch the gray ball as it falls. Each time the ball falls and collides with the UFO, they begin to perform the task of breaking the colored blocks. Just like that, this elastic process will continue until all the colored blocks or shadows fall out of the UFO. You will have the next 3 to replace if you drop the first ball. Try to take advantage of the opportunity to successfully destroy the color block and accumulate the highest score.

To attract players, the game also has challenges and great support at every turn. The challenge here will be the times your UFO gets hit by balls that change the size of the ball from big to small. In addition, you are also limited to the length of the UFO. These are the things that make it harder for you to catch the ball than ever. Besides the challenges, the game will also give you great support balls. These supports will give you a lot more advantage in destroying colored blocks. Typically the length of the UFO will be increased. Upgrade the balls so they can destroy more colored blocks. All will bring you interesting experiences, so let's join the game now!

How to control

  • Use the mouse to control UFO
Have Fun!