Bumper Cars

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How to play:

Are you ready for the extremely exciting crash car racing in Bumper Cars game? Bumper Cars Online is a great choice for you if you like bumper cars. Control your car to perform spectacular bumps! In the game Bumper Cars, you have to compete for the highest score or finish last. You can crash into other vehicles to damage them or collect objects on the road for extra power or speed. A number of vehicles and level of difficulty are also options. All ages can enjoy the thrill and excitement of Bumper Cars.

Tips in the game Bumper Cars

  • To control your vehicle, use the arrow keys on your keyboard or mouse. Make crashes with other vehicles to damage them or pick up debris on the road to speed up or power up
  • You will lose points or have to start over if you step into a trap or encounter an obstacle.
  • Please choose the number of vehicles and the challenge level that suit your skill level.
Have Fun!