Bunk. Town

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How to play:

Bunk. Town is a new type of survival game where you will have to survive a dangerous pandemic like Covid 19. Collect all the necessary elements to buy food and other items. Picking up garbage or slaughtering chickens should be simple ways for new gamers to get money. If the player has enough money, he or she should go to the grocery and buy the beverages and food they require to survive. Getting goods to sell in map places, fighting npcs, and fighting other players are all ways to get extra money. Various bosses may be fought on the map for exceptional rare goods.

There are some important locations on the map that you need to pay attention to flexibly control your character.

The SUPERMARKET is located in the top-left corner of the map and sells low-cost food and supplies.

The HOSPITAL, in the bottom-left of the map, is a place where you may rest and recover from the virus.

The BUNKFORT SAFES are located just above the hospital, where you may keep your things in a safe if you have too much or want to switch browsers.

The POLICE FORCE HQ lies on the right side of the map, but only with enough Vigilante Badges can you enter. The opened Town Map shows these (and more) places.

THESE ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT ITEMS: SURGICAL MASK, n95 MASK, 3m RESPIRATOR, and GAS MASK are the four types of masks available, each capable of preventing the infection of level 1, 2, 3, and 4 viruses, respectively. By assaulting criminals, you can earn VIGILANTE BADGES. These, on the other hand, cannot be removed from your inventory since they are associated with your reputation. Your badges are gone if you die.


  • Use AWSD key to move
  • Left-click to attack/use items
  • SPACE to skim through
  • Use Q / E / Move keys to switch items
  • Use B KEY to buy items
  • USE MOUSE to manage your items
  • Drag the mouse out of the inventory to drop the items you are holding
Have Fun!