Cannon Eggs

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How to play:

An internet game called Cannon Eggs is based on Angry Birds, but instead of a slingshot, it uses firecrackers. At each level, you will be given a certain number of bird eggs to shoot. You can find the ideal angle through the lines and blow up every green pig on every level. Eggs differ in their ability to be destroyed. Many sites offer Cannon Eggs to play for free. You can test your mettle with harder levels to see if you can finish the game. Everyone can play this game and enjoy it. Playing this game with your friends will increase the appeal of each level.

Some tips

Each egg has its own destructive ability, that you need to know to make the right choice for your playing strategy. Examples include the red egg's ability to detonate everything, the green egg's ability to break into three pieces, the yellow egg's acceleration when hitting an obstacle, and the ability to explode everything after the fall of the black egg.

Adjust the shooting angle according to the height and distance of the target. The lines on the screen can be used to gauge your shooting angle. In addition, you need to calculate the force of the shot so that the egg can reach the target without falling or flying too far.

Have Fun!