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How to play:

Control your spaceship to move with the WASD keys

About game is a multiplayer space yacht game. You control a small spaceship that moves and fights other spaceships. You collect the pieces for yourself.

Game missions

To upgrade their spaceship, players can collect pieces from damaged ships. To enhance your ship's defense and attack, attach the parts you've collected. Stay away from enemy ships and try to prolong your survival.

Game strategy

Build your ship wisely to strike a balance between defense, power, and speed. You must work to extend the life of your spacecraft while making upgrades and additions to better withstand the ever-increasing challenges it faces.

Some useful tips for you

Know Clone Drive: Discover how to copy an enemy ship's configuration using Clone Drive accurately. Your 'Clone Drive' will gain energy when you destroy enemy spacecraft, allowing you to enhance the modules you clone.

Planning: Intelligently arrange your modules to strike a balance between power, defense, and speed.

Benefit from recipe creation: Use crafting recipes to maximize the benefits of improving your ship.

Keep an eye on the stations: The locations of the stations are predetermined in certain versions of the game. It will benefit you while playing if you take the time to identify and record the location of every station in the area.

Have Fun!