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How to play:
  • Enter your name first, then choose from one of the three character classes.
  • Your castle's color and shape are also customizable.
  • Click the Play button to begin playing the game.
  • Move with the W A S D keys.
  • To attack, use the LEFT MOUSE.
  • To activate special abilities, use the RIGHT MOUSE.
  • To move between different weapons, use the Q and E keys.

Attractive real-time strategy game is an attractive strategy game with the theme of small castles. In this game is to build your castle and destroy your opponent's castle.


Your goal is to destroy your opponent's castle or force them to exhaust their resources before you do the same. in which you must attack and destroy your opponent's castle while building and defending your own. You can play this game alone or with a large number of other players around the globe.


There are three character classes to choose from: Mage, Archer, or Knight. Each class has a unique weapon and special skills. To help you in battle, you can also recruit soldiers and special units.

Build your castle

By collecting wood and gold, purchasing buildings, and recruiting soldiers, you can build and improve your castle. Players will experience variety and excitement as each building and unit has its design and purpose. The color and shape of your castle are also customizable. The game takes place in a large area with a variety of weather and landscapes. When attacking and destroying enemy castles, you must use your tactical abilities to protect your castle.

Have Fun!