Chained Echoes

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How to play:

If you love games with beautiful pixel graphics and heroes with unique fighting skills, then Chained Echoes is an interesting game for you to discover.

Before entering the game, you will select a character to participate in the match. Each character has different attack and damage levels. If you are new, the character Antonio will be the chosen character. The remaining characters like Imelda, Pasqualina, and Gennaro will be unlocked when you have enough gold coins accumulated after each match. Entering the match, you will face blood-sucking drops and a series of ghostly characters that will appear more and more in the game. Your task is to use the power and inherent abilities to destroy all these bloodsucking monsters. In the process of fighting, when you have defeated a certain number of blood-sucking monsters, you will be upgraded with extremely useful items. Take advantage of items to be able to destroy all monsters more easily. Besides, you need to avoid collisions with all blood sucking monsters because your health bar will be sucked quickly. When the health bar runs out, you will lose your life.

Items included in the game

The game becomes more attractive when you will own valuable items to increase damage. Typical items include Santa Water, Whip, Ax, and many other great items. Are you ready to join the game to conquer the bright items in this game? Let's start the game now!


  • Beautiful Pixel Graphics
  • Diverse characters for you to discover
  • Many exciting upgrades
  • Easy, addictive controls


  • Use the mouse to control the character and perform operations such as character selection, and item selection.
Have Fun!