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How to play: is a unique and fun chess game, control your pieces move on a game map collect coins to accumulate points, and become the strongest piece.

Chess is the world's oldest and most powerful strategic game. King, generals, presidents, and armchair geniuses have all played it. This may be the game for you if you feel yourself to be a devastatingly cool and competent player. It's a chess-based survival and empire-building game for multiplayer. The aim is to capture the most enemy pieces and earn the greatest score.

Begin with simply a king and make every effort to keep him alive. Capture enemy pieces or get gold from coins. Spend gold to increase the size of your chess army and gain tremendous benefits. Make the most of the terrain. Demonstrate that you are the best battlefield strategist!


  • Use "Left-click" to move your pieces.
  • Use "WSAD" (or right-click) to move the camera.
  • Additional keybindings tagged in the game.
Have Fun!