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How to play:

The game has simple controls, you control the moving circle with the arrow keys or WASD characters.

About game is an endless and fun block-matching puzzle game. In this game, you need to control a moving circle intelligently to complete the level.

Features is a completely different game. It is more challenging than regular games and is an exceptionally entertaining game. For those who enjoy difficult platformers and are looking for something new and unique, the game is a great choice.

Difficult challenge

The special feature of the game is that each level is randomly generated so players will never play the same map twice. As the player reaches higher levels, new opponents and obstacles will be added, making the levels more difficult.

Tips to win the game

  • Keep these pointers in mind to outperform your opponents and move up the rankings. Practice your timing and precision when making the first and most important jump.
  • You can move around platforms quickly and stay away from other players by honing your jumps.
  • Take advantage of your smart running skills. They can be quite useful in getting to remote places and getting out of tight spots.
  • To get a competitive edge, observe how other players move and predict their next move.
  • Remember that there are always new challenges to overcome in this dynamic environment, so pay attention and be aware.
Have Fun!