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How to play: is a shooting game inspired by familiar pixel games. In this multiplayer game fight hard to win and collect awesome enemy weapons.

Start the game, scour the vast battlefields for deadly weapons, wipe out your opponents and dodge their attacks. Play for as long as possible in an abandoned mining site by piloting a battle machine. Red indicates who your opponent is. To find them on the map, move in the direction of the red rectangle. To locate your opponent, follow the red points. A force barrier will protect the mech from the initial damage. When attacked, the hull of the ship is worn down until it is destroyed. The mech can focus energy in front of the shield to lessen the damage it receives. Over time, the shield recharges itself so you have the energy to keep fighting. Besides you need to locate the pickup to get past that. You should also notice that the mech is immune to damage for the first few seconds after respawning, but its weapon is disabled. When you defeat an enemy, you will level up and get equipment that you can use to buy different types of mechs. Buy expensive robots to win the game and advance.

Attractive features in the game

  • Multiplayer game
  • 2D graphics with attractive pixel art
  • 6 great weapons for you to fight
  • 7 futuristic walking vehicles
  • Attractive gameplay

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  • Use WASD to move and double click the scroll keys to strikethrough.
  • Use the Space key to disable enemies.
  • Use the Q key to attack
  • Use the E key to defend
  • Use the R key to heal
  • Use keys 1-6 to change weapons
Have Fun!