Clashblade io

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How to play:

Clashblade io joins the battle arena with other players and take the top spot, try to collect, and fight to get yourself the latest creations and weapons. Starting the game you will be equipped with basic costumes and weapons, try to move and collect glowing marbles to upgrade costumes and weapons. Also, absorb lightning-shaped items to move faster. Be careful with players with larger weapons, as they can kill you more easily.

The game with Clashblade io has two basic game modes for you to choose from:

+ Ranked mode: This is ranked war mode. You will play against 50 other players and have 90 seconds to play in an area.
If you reach the top 1, 2, 3, you will receive currency and experience.

+ Endless mode: This is a game for fun and you will be able to play with hundreds of other people from all over the world. Remember, it's just for fun; you will not get any coins or experience.

Game tips:
+ It is best to collect orbs when you are at a low level.

+ Higher levels slow down your movement while increasing the size of your weapon. Make the most of your abilities to achieve a high score.

Use mouse to move
Left-click to attack

Have Fun!