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How to play: is a board game where players become a settler and try to build their empires by trading goods, expanding their territory, and building settlements and armies.

How to play

This game requires players to take a look at the instructions or try the tutorial mode to know how it works. You can tap on the Rules tab to get the basics of the game. It may take a little while but it's worth a try.

Basic rules:

  • Choose a game mode

In this game, players can choose to play with AI or with other players in real time. If you are new to the game, you can try to fight against an AI opponent before joining a real match with other players.

  • Place settlements

First, players will take turns placing 2 settlements as well as 2 roads coming from each settlement.

  • Roll the dice

Next, players will take turns rolling the dice. The dice roll will determine the distribution of resources. Each time a player rolls the dice, the resources on the board that match the number of the dice will be distributed among players with settlements or cities around the tiles.

  • Build and collect resources

Players can use the resources to build different settlements like cities, roads, and more.

You can buy up to 15 roads, 5 settlements, and 4 cities.

Cities can produce 2 resources while a settlement can produce one resource. The game features 19 of each resource card.

  • Trade

In case you miss an important card, you can trade any number or mix of resources with other players for anything you want in return. However, it is not possible to trade the same type of resource.

  • Final goal

The player to reach 10 victory points is the winner. Try to build settlements, armies, cities, and roads to accomplish the goal faster.

Game Features

  • Play with bot or real players in real-time
  • Great graphics
  • Interesting board game play
  • Different maps and expansions
  • Stats and achievements
Have Fun!