Color Galaxy

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How to play:

Color Galaxy is a fascinating territory expansion 3D coloring game. Your goal is to expand the territory and become the king who owns a large territory.

In the game drive around and back to build your territory color by patch. You can customize your favorite colors to make your territories stand out more. Use a unique base-building strategy to build big and beautiful colors that rule the world. When a player is outside their territory with an unconnected line, you can pierce their line to take them down! You also need to pay attention because if you have not closed the circle, the opponent can rush in suddenly and remove you from the game immediately. Loop through another player's field to make it your own.

Customize characters and unlock items
You can penetrate a player's line when they have an unconnected line and are outside of their territory in order to eliminate them! To take control of a player's field, loop through it. Open up your new gold vehicles, colors, and patterns, and finish various quests to get daily rewards!


  • Explore the colorful game space.
  • Easy controls.
  • Build vast territories to challenge opponents in the game.
  • The game runs on all web browsers available on phones and computers.


  • Use your mouse to control and color your territory.
Have Fun!