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How to play: is a strategy game where players must build and expand their empires and conquer the map. Navigate through different terrains, build troops, gather resources, and take over the enemy territory to grow!

How to play game

To grow your empire, you must try to capture the enemy territory.

The first step is to build a base and deploy your units to conquer territories. Each territory you control will provide valuable resources that can help you in your conquest.

You also need to upgrade your peasant if you want to conquer more tiles. The final step is to destroy the enemy base!

To win the game, players need to have a strategic plan for territory expansion, resource management, unit upgrades, and construction.

Try to build different defensive structures to strengthen the foundation.

Train and develop your units to conquer. The food supply is also important! Make sure that there is always enough food for the troops.

In some maps, you will start with multiple bases. You can press the Next Capital button to cycle among them.

Don't worry if you can't get the mechanics of the game. As you start, you can go through the on-screen tutorials that the game offer to learn how it works.

  • Game Controls

Use your left and right mouse buttons to play.

Game Features

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Different terrains
  • Various upgrades
  • Tactics and strategy 

Every decision you make will shape the course of your empire's destiny. Are you ready to conquer the world in game?

Have Fun!