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Cuphead is a dramatic adventure game by Cuphead or Mugman. Your task in this game is to overcome a series of terrifying attacks from a fierce crow.

In this adventure, you will face a ferocious crow and many tricks that make you need to be on your guard. In this clear blue sky, you will see the role of Cuphead appearing on a small plane. And facing you is a dangerous crow. It has great destructive power because it possesses very flexible weapons and attacks. The weapons it uses here are big explosive balls and giant bullets and a lot of other weapons. When fired, they will not stop at a straight line of fire, but they will split into many directions, making you focus on paying attention and moving more flexibly. If you get hit by the crow's attacks more than 3 times you will lose. Moreover, the large crow with powerful wings covered the house as a protective mantle that was difficult to destroy. Kill the crow now to conquer the final destination and win.

Facing a force as powerful as the crow you need to use the inherent power from the small plane. This small plane can fire bullets that bring damage to the crow, although its damage is not high. But later on, your strength will also be increased to destroy the crow more easily.

With unique 2D graphics and attractive levels, this will definitely be a great entertainment game for you. You can join the game on all mobile devices, computers, and iPads.

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  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Press the V key to use the ability
  • Press the X key to shoot
  • Press the Z key to block
  • Press the C key to zoom out
Have Fun!