Curve Fever Pro

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How to play:

Curve Fever Pro is a fun survival game where you will compete with other players to survive the longest. Join your friends in the game by sharing the link. Equip your ship with a range of 27 distinct abilities and use them to attack other ships for points while avoiding newly constructed tracks, traps, and assaults. To achieve the required amount of points to win the game, you must outlast your opponents in each round and steal their points with your skills. Remember to defend yourself against attacks and traps that will take your hard-won points!


Avoid the traces left behind by ships to live the longest. Utilize your skills to steal points from your opponents and win the game by being the first to reach the point goal. Depending on the powers you choose to carry aboard your spacecraft, you can fire others or set traps and explosives in their route to take points.


  • Click "Quick Play" to play against other online players
  • Click "Custom Rooms" where you can create a private room and invite your friends to play
  • Equip your ship with 2 powers (one for the "up"/"w" and one for the "down"/"s" buttons)
  • Use "A" and "D" keys or "left" and "right" keys to steer your ship
Have Fun!