Cut Mover

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How to play:

Join a thrilling match among stickmen in Cut Mover. The game asks you to move, sweep the territory, and defeat all rivals to become the last.

Join the game and conquer new missions. In this game, you will control a stickman character. He owns a saw. You will navigate him to be able to sweep as much territory as possible. The playing field will be changed to the same color as the character. It sounds easy, but it is not really. On the playing field is not only your character. There are many others trying to compete for territory. You need to be faster than them to be able to capture large areas. Defeating them is the best way to take territory.

Next, when the game is over, you can get many coins. You can use them to exchange another character or buy some items. They may make your character become attractive. The hats, eyeglasses, and toys are available for you. In addition, you also buy other cutters. You can choose paper knives, swords, sticks, toothbrushes, scissors, rulers, scissors, etc.

The outstanding modes in Cut Mover

The survival mode

To complete this game mode, you must become the last who stands on the playing field. You must sweep the territory and own the huge area to win. You also avoid colliding with others. Crashing into them will make you destroyed.

The battle mode

In this game mode, you must defeat all enemies from the playing field. To beat them quickly, you must own the large map and level up your character. As a result, your character will become bigger and attack rivals effectively.

Have Fun!