Darkmaster and lightmaiden

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How to play:

Darkmaster and Lightmaiden games take us on an adventure with two best friends. In the game two typical characters, Darkmaster and Lightmaiden will have two separate colors. Darkmaster's signature purple color, Lightmaiden's character will be white.

In the game, you will take turns controlling two characters to overcome obstacles to reach the final door. The obstacles here are puddles and flames of different colors. Darkmaster is purple, he will be immune to a puddle of color that looks and can collect purple flames, but if he jumps into a puddle of white water and touches a white flame he will lose and You must return to the original position. As for Lightmaiden too, she will be immune to white puddles and will lose her life if she jumps into purple waters. This will be the perfect match when you control the two characters on the switch. One of the two characters will rise on the wall, the other character will control the switch, so you will pass through different levels to reach the final gate.

Level of play:
The game has 15 different levels of gameplay with a unique 2D design, each level will bring you interesting experiences. Join and feel each level now.

Arrow keys to move left, right, up.
The E key is used to open the switch
SPACE key (exclamation point) to switch characters.

Have Fun!