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How to play: is an exciting .io game where you control and upgrade your helicopter fly and shoot at opponents and take territory from other players.

PVP, Defuse, and Games are the three modes available in deflyio. Any player in PVP mode must attempt to cover as much of the map as possible. There are two spots in the Defuse mode that belong to opposite teams. Each team is responsible for safeguarding its own bomb site. In the third mode, squads, there are eight teams of six players (Blue, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Dark Green, and Sky Blue). Teams must cover as much ground as possible, similar to PVP mode.

There are 32 levels in, and you can level up by collecting XP. By smashing enemy walls, conquering territories, or shooting other players, you can gain experience points. You can gain more skills as the level progresses. You can increase your playing pace, bullet speed, bullet range, reload speed, and distance by increasing your player speed, bullet speed, and bullet range. Built distance refers to the range beyond which your helicopter will build walls and towers.

Superpowers such as dual fire, speed boost, clone, shield, flashbang, and teleport are available starting at level 20.


  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Space bar to build a line, close the line to mark your territory
  • Left click to shoot (hold the mouse to shoot continuously)
  • E or Shift to use superpower
Have Fun!