Drift 3

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How to play:

Drift 3 is an exciting car driving game in which you have to control a car and compete with other players. Be the last survival person to gain victory!

Welcome to the Drift 3 which is the next version of the Drifting game series! Coming to this game, you have the opportunity to experience intense races with 8 players. Are you ready to join in this racing game?

In this game, races are endless and the game only ends when you fall into the deep space or win. What do you do to gain victory? You only have to survive last! It sounds simple but challenging to perform. You will compete with 7 opponents who can push you out of races anytime, so be careful. Besides that, the track is difficult to conquer because they have many different sizes from length to width.

Drift 3 still has the same rules as the previous volume. You have to press and hold the left mouse button to change the direction of your car and release it to go back.

Features of Drift 3

  • The intriguing racing game
  • Multiplayer
  • Try to survive last

How to control

  • Press and hold the left mouse button to change the direction
  • Release it to go back
Have Fun!